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Cheap Holidays to Turkey:

Travel Guide to your Holiday in Turkey:

A holiday in Turkey offers hidden coves, a wealth of history and mythology as well as charming surroundings. Turkey is noted for having a most exquisite choice of food, Turkish Cuisine is always a pleasant surprise for any holiday maker. Turkey is located just off the Aegean Sea making it ideal for a wide variety of holiday water sport activities.

Weather on Holiday in Turkey:

Turkey has a diverse range of weather climates; the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have cool, rainy winters and hot, moderately dry summers, while the Black Sea coast receives the greatest amount of rainfall, in Istanbul and the Sea of Marmara the climate is moderate with lows of 39ºF (4ºC) in winter and 80ºF (27ºC) in summer.

Out and about on Holiday in Turkey:

A holiday in Turkey is full of tradition, culture and a fascinating history, offering great beaches, many historic or natural places of interest, and a variety of holiday activities both on land and water.

So whether it's a round of golf, a traditional Turkish massage, a spot of sunbathing or taking in the marvel of an ancient site, a holiday in Turkey provides you with the perfect combination to get the most from your cheap holiday

Eating out on Holiday in Turkey:

Turkish cuisine varies across the country, with many elements influenced by the regions history and location. Popular and well known traditional Turkish foods include Meze (traditional Turkish appetisers), kofte (Turkish meatballs), doner kebab, kokorec (lamb intestines), borek (a flaky pastry stuffed with cheese, meat or potatoes) and gozleme (a savoury handmade and hand-rolled filled pastry).

Famed for the way it is made and served in tiny cups, Turkish coffee is a must try while on your cheap holiday in Turkey. Another regular in the Turkish diet is yoghurt, which often accompanies meat dishes, vegetable dishes, meze, a speciality called manti (folded triangles of dough containing minced meat) and a popular drink call Ayran (pronounced 'I ran', a yoghurt drink whipped with water).

If you're looking for a meal on the go whilst on your holiday in Turkey and wanting a change from the Turkish kebab try 'balik e met' the Turkish equivalent to fish and chips. It's made with any type of fish, which are first grilled or fried and then placed in a bread roll with onions; this is then washed down with pickle water.

Turkey Holiday Facts:

Flight Time: Flight times vary but are usually about 4 -5 hours depending on your UK departure point and the region in Turkey.

Currency: Turkish Lira (Euro widely accept)

Best Time to Visit: April to October

A wide range of cheap accommodation is available in Turkey to suit all tastes making Turkey an ideal destination for cheap holidays.

All visitors to Turkey are required to purchase their entry visa via the Turkish Government website www.evisa.gov.tr prior to travel.

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